About Us

Saint Michael’s Academy (SMA) is a Catholic homeschool cooperative located in Woodstock, Maryland near the Howard County line.  The cooperative meets on Thursdays, beginning with 7:30am Mass at St. Alphonsus Rodriguez Catholic Church  followed by an interactive meditation. Classes begin at shortly thereafter across the street and include time for lunch, recess and rosary before afternoon classes. The cooperative meets in the white house directly behind the Chinese Bible Church. Currently, SMA serves families from Baltimore County, Howard County, Montgomery County and Carroll County. SMA was designed to aide parents in the education and traditional Catholic formation of their children. We offer courses and activities for all ages, preschool through high school.

For Moms who are in the intense years of their pregnancies and mothering, St. Michael’s Academy recognizes that not all mothers are able to contribute at the same level due to their state in life.  For this reason, we are able to accommodate each woman’s ability to contribute. This is precisely the beauty of a cooperative!

St. Michael’s Academy (SMA) originated in 1990. Our mission is to “support and energize homeschooling families through the total development of the whole person from birth to senior year of high school.”

St. Michael’s Academy Standards
(1) Complete Character Development of the Person: intellectual, human, spiritual and apostolic
(2) Bringing Souls to Christ
(3) Christ as the Model
(4) Effectiveness
(5) Individual Formation